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capabilities of the south defense forces. >>> norea has been threatening to launch a nuclear attack on the u.s. and now the country has washed that japan is also a target. the north has been criticizing japan for reenforcing the sanctions it's imposed against the country. the ruling korean workers newspaper issued a story. the security council resolution imposed additional sanctions on north korea for conducting its third nuclear test. the commentary warns that if the u.s. lights the fuse of a nuclear war japan will not be spared. north korea says it used a smaller, lighter atomic bomb in itd test. the north is believed to have deployed about 200 midrange ballistic missiles with a range that covers most parts of japan. >>> some local governments in japan with nuclear plans in their jurisdiction will likely miss monday's deadline for reviewing their disaster control plans. other municipalities have already finished the process but have yet to draw up concrete evacuation plans. the nuclear regulation authority reviewed their disaster control measures based on new sets of guidelines. they expan
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1